The More You Ship the More You Get

People are always afraid of bulk shipments. They thought that the cost will be higher and charges will be taking a big place of their cost. People always believe bulk shipment will reduce a big part of their profit in business. Another hand when the case of sending gifts to their loved ones, people also thought if they send a good number of gifts at a time, they would face lots of extra shipping charges. In this case, WOW can be your most reliable partner. As we maintain a standard amount of price charts although the price will be reduced if our clients send more. The more they send the more they will get a special deal and a flat shipping rate. By this, the client’s fear of having lose in their business will get reduced. Not the end here, our clients will able to use our warehouse address and also warehouse platform to keep their product hold on without any extra charges. We will provide the re-packaging facilities to our clients who send a bulk number of products. On the other hand, the pickup charges will not there for bulk shipment of clients. WOW Express does provide pick-up services to their premium customers from their door. In this scenario starting the services to pick up their goods from their door to the hold-on warehouse or re-packaging those full goods the whole combo is free for our premium clients. Our clients also keep track of their products through our customer care support. Our drop-off location is available in everywhere the Australia and USA.

We would like to share a success story of us that recently in the USA within a couple of months ago we successfully deliver 135 customers around 2200KG or 5000LB of 6 Pallets of goods at a time. All those clients were happy and loved to share their experience with our shipping companies. Some of them share their opinion about our companies on our page as a client review. Besides this we will ship a large number of electronic items like television, air conditioners, laptop, washing machines, etc. at a flat rate and also with great care. We also provide Dangerous Goods Certification (dg certificate) to our clients for their product so that they can ensure their products is in good hand. We ship all categories of products at a time, for this reason, this will be the best platform for our clients so that they can ship all kinds of products at a time. Clients can easily pay for their due product amount or the whole amount to us because we support them to the end. WOW tries to remove the fear of shipping and importing a business from the international shipping market. WOW always be there to ensure our clients that they are in safe hands. Nowadays when the world is facing scamming problem globally, WOW open its reliable door to all. Not only in the case of Bangladesh, but we provide our reliable hand to Nepal also. The more you stay with WOW the more you will get to beneficiated.

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