Hidden Charge Hassle: 0% Hidden Charge with WOW

The word hidden charge is much priority full to us. We can relate to how much a client can suffer and go through with this. In many cases, clients are shipping their products with the trust that they don’t need to pay more. The shipping companies are happy with their provided amount. After receiving the goods in the warehouse of those shipping companies, within just a blink of eyes the charges get higher and the clients need to pay a different number of payments than they know before. Maximum times the well-known courier companies around us also play the same role with their clients. Other courier companies or shipping agencies throw a small number of charges for shipping to grab the whole market and when the clients catch their trap, they flip the full scenario by adding the name of customs charge, duty fees, extra taxes, and also go on. In this situation, clients lose hope and earn a good amount of profit with their shipment. In other cases, those clients send a gift or bulk-size products to their dear ones they also get disappointed and discourage to send any product to shipping companies or courier agencies. For this reason, we get hamper in our economy and also loos a big market of shipping. WOW Express is free to all those types of extra hidden charges. Surprisingly the charge will be get reduced when you ship more over than 10kg up. Yes!! With the lowest amount of shipping our valuable customers can get a hassle-free shipping combo package from us. Not to end here we also provide door-to-door delivery. We clear the customs for our clients without any hidden charges and so-called extra duty fees. We feel our clients our main priority and it is our duty to serve the best deal to them. We always maintain a strander price chart. Although we reduce the price of those price charts when our clients send over only more than 10kg and that’s a surprise deal for our clients. We always encourage our clients to go for a long run with us. We believe that if we can maintain a transparent business policy our clients will feel relaxed and find themselves in safe hands. We also try to expand the shipping market for all. Our company believes that only anyone can go the long run if they maintain the best transparent business policy with their clients and also maintain the best customer care behaviors. WOW knows the value of our clients’ money and emotion and for this reason, we are always ready to give our customers the best and best. When you are in with WOW you are free from all types of hassle. Be the best partner of WOW and feel the happiness of shipping. Give yourself a chance to be with WOW!!!

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